One Platform Observes Them All

Observability of cloud, cloud native and applications on one unified platform

Customizing Your Monitor Solution
See The System Through Data

Four Core Superiorities Of Guance
Help Protecting Your System Stability

Advanced Making observation more in-depth

Biweekly iteration allows engineers to enjoy the most cutting-edge technology and product capabilities anytime.

Uniformity Making observation more efficient

Unified collection, labeling, storage and interface can be used to collect and manage the collected data from mainstream open source monitoring tools on the same platform and drill the complete data chain to achieve efficient observation.

Open Making the observation more flexible

Guance has been selected as The Observability and Analysis section of CNCF Cloud Native Panorama
Fully compatible with OpenTelemetry, making observation setup more flexible.

Pay-as-you-go Billing Mode Start observing anytime

The Guance SaaS using usage-based billing mode. From startup teams to international enterprises, all can experience the first-class end to end observability service.

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Smart Teams Choose To Observe

  • Internet


    Internet companies are exploring the use of containers, automation, cloud computing, open-sourced architecture, etc. while using the traditional operation and maintenance methods. Guance has integrated more than 200 technology stacks and is compatible with the open source ecosystem. Guance aim to use unified data collection, governance and analysis capabilities to build the bridge between R&D and O&M teams, thus improve the O&M efficiency and guarantee agile development quality.

  • Retail


    The retail industry is facing rapid internalization change, and any minor fatigue could cause business unavailability or user experience degradation. Focusing on infrastructure health, application health, user experience and business data accuracy, Guance provides customers with a unified observability platform for system, application, user experience and business.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Considering that modern financial companies must deliver reliable, secure, and thoughtful customer experience on both web and mobile applications, Guance consolidates application performance data and customer experience data into one single platform, thus effectively reducing business risks caused by business interruptions, system blind boxes and untimely alerts.

  • Public Services

    Public Services

    Guance provides one-way output, data desensitization, anomaly detection, stuck analysis, stress testing, security patrol, root cause analysis and other capabilities for public service organizations such as medical agency, governmental agency and schools, all of which help those organizations effectively maintain the quality and stability of their public service applications and reduce the risk of application crashes caused by user surges.

  • Manufacturing


    Guance has helped a number of industrial, manufacturing and logistics enterprises go through smart operation and maintenance transformation. By collecting, aggregating, alerting and analyzing IoT data and business system data for enterprises of any scale, Guance effectively helps them identify the fatigues, reduce equipment failure rates and eventually increase troubleshooting efficiency.

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